Earn a catch and release fish towel

Sunnyside Camp's Trophy Towels
Sunnyside Camp’s Trophy Towels

Sunnyside Camp started our catch and release free towel program to encourage guests to take pictures of trophy fish, and then release them. Big fish are hereditary and the genetic strain can be lost from over-harvesting. We can provide information on obtaining a replica of your trophy.

This past season our guests earned a total of 117 towels!


  • A Walleye 25 inches or larger
  • A Bass 20 inches or larger
  • A Northern Pike 40 inches or larger
  • A Musky 40 inches or larger

Bring your picture or digital camera card to the camp office as proof and receive your FREE catch and release fish hand towel.

Do your part by trying to catch and release the big fish so our grand children and great-grandchildren will have the same opportunity to enjoy the excellent fishing on the Winnipeg River.

Are you ready to earn your trophy fish towel? Call to make your reservation, 1-888-270-3090.